VeriPrint® is a system developed by Custom lets you integrate a unit of document scanning (scanner) with the thermal print head in a single element to be inserted in the printer for automation of the point of sale, point of gaming / lottery and points collection (banking, taxes, etc ...).
The system VeriPrint® lets you print and save the scanned image in real time of the receipt / invoice, recognize problems printing / paper and use the scanned document as an electronic journal or certified copy of the document issued.

  • VERIPRINT - 100% Guarantee
  • VERIPRINT - Electronic storage of printed receipts/invoices on MultiMediaCard
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  • Benefits with VeriPrint®:
    • Automatic archiving of all images of receipts and / or invoices in the database of the case for subsequent transmission to the central server
    • Recovery of the original receipt for any claims, guarantees, etc. ...
    • Original copy and in accordance with the invoice issued to the Client
    • Reducing the costs of print
    • Check the correct issue of the printed document
    • Identification of hardware that needs assistance
    • On printers with Ethernet interface, you can view the images captured through a simple Web Browser

  • During the ticket printing phase, an embedded scanner element automatically takes the ticket's image. This image can be memorized inside the printer in a mass memory (MMC, SD) or can be sent to the remote host.
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