Vision15 expresses the highest level of innovation, reliability and performance to answer to the most demanding requestsof the retail market.Designed with the maximum attention to guarantee to the point of sales the best compromise between technology anddesign, Vision15 is the ideal solution for all the retailers who use the most advanced management software.The attention in the aesthetic details, such as the TRUE FLAT touch screen monitor and the modern lines which characterize itsshapes, perfectly combines itself with the sturdiness and the reliability guaranteed by the aluminium case and by the useof the most powerful industrial processors available nowadays. Besides, the operative efficiency is guaranteed by the SSD(Solid State Drive) technology of the hard disk which matches high performance with low energy consumption. The resistivetouch screen monitor has a slope up to 90° allowing the most correct use according to the point of sale height and lighting.

  • VISION15
  • VISION15 - Version with customer display LCD 2x20
  • VISION15 - Version with 2° customer display True Flat multimedia
  • highlights
    • Fashion design
    • 15" True Flat ELO touch screen
    • Backlit monitor with LED technology
    • "High Speed" processor
    • SSD (solid state disk) SATA hard disk
    • Sturdy aluminium structure
    • Customer display which can be integrated (optional)
    • 8.4" or 9.7" 2nd customer display which can be integrated (optional)
    • Fanless version available
    • Windows POS Ready 7 available
  • SW ECR CUSTOM para uma gestão eficiente e rápida das vendas (apenas para o mercado fiscal italiana)

  • Monitor com tecnologia LED

  • Características técnicas
  •   Vision15
    Processador Celeron J1900 2.0GHz Fanless
    Memória RAM 2 GB DDR3 SO-DIMM (Max 4 GB)
    Expansões 1 x miniPCI-E slot
    Hard Disk 1 x 2.5" SATA SSD 64 GB (max 128 GB)
    Display 15.1" LED panel Brightness (250 nits, 1024 x 768)
    Resolução 1024 x 768
    Luminosidade 250 nits
    Touch screen 15" ELO true flat 5 wires resistive (zero bezel)
    Sistema Operativo Windows POS Ready 7
    Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
    I/O 4 x USB 2.0
    1 x USB 3.0
    3 x RS232 serial interfaces on RJ45
    (with power 5V or 12V enable by bios)
    1 x ETH 1 GB LAN
    1 external VGA (12V enable by bios)
    1 x DC Jack
    1 x RJ-11 Cash Drawer (12V/24V)
    1 x Line-out
    Audio 1 x 2 Watt internal speakers
    Ângulo de inclinação 0° to 90°
    Alimentação External (DC 90W)
    Dimensões (LxLxH) LCD 90°: 361 x 248 x 337 mm
  • Opções
  • Versões disponíveis
  • Vídeo
  • Accessories:
    • LCD Display backlit 2x20
    • VGA monitor 8.4" or 9.7"
    • Triple track badge reader
    • Vision15 with Celeron J1900 2.0GHz fanless processor, 4GB RAM, Hard Disk 64GB SSD SATA
    • Version with embedded CUSTOM ECR software
  • Descarregar anexo
To download the files of this area please link to:
  • Código produtos
    • Code Description    
    • 935FV010400L33 PCPOS VISION15 15.1'' 4GB RAM 64GB SSD ETH USB     Options for 935FV010400L33 Spare parts for 935FV010400L33
      • Options for 935FV010400L33
      • 7C900000000400 LICENSE WINDOWS POS READY 7    
      • 7C900000004000 WINDOWS LICENSE 10 IOT ENTERPRISE ENTRY    
      • 97AZZ010000002 INSTALLATION PEN DRIVE SW ECR    
      • 97AZZ010000031 PEN DRIVE INSTALL. WNPOSREADY 7 32BIT    
      • 97AZZ010000032 PEN DRIVE INSTALL. WNPOSREADY 7 64BIT    
      • 97AZZ010000064 PEN DRIVE WIN10 IOT VISION15 BLACK 64BIT    
      • 938FV030100N33 CUSTOMER DISPLAY VISION15 VFD2X20 BLACK    
      • 938FV040100M33 MONITOR VISION15 8.4" VGA BLACK    
      • 938FV050100233 MSR VISION15 3 TRACK USB I-F BLACK    
      • Spare parts for 935FV010400L33
      • 41000000009900 SP PCBA CPU VISION15 D36    
      • 42000000004500 SP CAB SWITCH VISION15 D36    
      • 42000000004600 SP CAB SATA VISION15 D36    
      • 42000000004700 SP PRINT CAB DB25-26P P2 L=200 HT15 D36    
      • 42000000004900 SP CAB SWITCH TO ROCK SWTCH VISION15 I5    
      • 43000000045300 SP BEZEL + TOUCH RES BLACK VISION15 D36    
      • 48000000000200 SP POWER ADAPTER 90W 19V VISION15B    
      • 49000000003200 SP LED PANEL 15" LVDS VT15 C56L    

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