T-Ten touch Cash Register offers flexible connectivity, stable system integrity, easy operation, speed and efficiency for your hospitality or retail needs. The 10" touch screen with a built-in 60 mm thermal printer with autocutter, 2-line alphanumeric customer display and chip card reader, encompassed in a solidly built cabinet design generates the impression of classic ECR but without inherent hard drive and operating system problems. The T-Ten built-in software is designed with fast food, table service, cafeteria and retail . A variety of operational features are available that include tables management with sharing kitchen printers, mix & match discounting, time and date activated discount, full reporting and integrated loyalty credit/debit card functionality, to name a few.

  • T TEN
  • T TEN - Customer display
  • highlights
  • Características
  • focus on
    • 10" touch screen cash register
    • LED technology monitor
    • Freescale IMX25
    • 2GB RAM
    • Graphic customer display
    • Available in glossy black
    • Ergonomic and innovative design
    • Resistive 5 wires touch screen
    • Powerful and versatile
    • Chip card reader
    • Special "Retail & Hospitality" embedded software
    Main Board
    • Frescale IMX25 processor
    • Linux OS with onboard Custom SW ECR
    • Monitor LCD TFT 10" 800x600 on LVDS interface
    • Resistive touch screen 5 wires
    • 3 internal serials for printer, Customer display, chip card reader
    • 2 external serials on RJ45
    • 1 external Ethernet on RJ45
    • 1 external USB Host
    • 24V external power supply
    • 1 RJ11 connector for cash drawer
    • Buzzer
    • Real Time Clock

    Printer board
    • CPU ARM 7 (UAP technology)
    • Ram 2 MB on battery
    • Electronic Journal on 256 MB SD card
    • Optional Fiscal memory 256KB

    Internal Devices
    • Build-in 60mm Custom thermal printer with autocutter
    • Integrated customer display 2x20 char. backlit LCD
    • Integrated Chip Card reader ISO7816

    • Custom POS printers (for kitchen order or fiscal receipt) Q3-U KubeII-U, KubeII- ETH, K3
    • Optical reader for barcodes with USB technology
    • PC USB keyboard for programming
  • Monitor com tecnologia LED

  • SW ECR CUSTOM para uma gestão eficiente e rápida das vendas (apenas para o mercado fiscal italiana)

  • Software
    • Printable documents on embedded printer: fiscal receipt, invoice, kitchen orders
    • 1.500 departments, more than 20.000 PLUs, 20 modifiers (discounts and increases completely programmable), 10 payments, 7 VATs
    • 7 work pages with operative keys on screen completely programmable with description, graphic image, size and position
    • Management of retail promotions (3X2, % automatic discount, discount on second purchase, happy hour)
    • Management of hospitality promotions (items like meal plus side dish)
    • Management of three price lists programmable for hour and daily
    • Management of items with barcode (included EAN2 at variable price) and loading of non existent items in transaction ("immediate loading")
    • Management of operators with password, level of authorizations (void and reports) and complete financial management of sales control
    • Cashier with Dallas key (optional)
    • Tables management with direct closing or analytical or bill division
    • Management of dish's modifications (such as ingredient or kitchen instruction)
    • Management of kitchen printers addressable to different "production centers" for kitchen order, receipt stub and counter collection
    • Management of "fixed price menu".
    • Management of "customers on credit" with summarizing invoice at the end of the month and/or credit retrieval
    • Storage and retrieval of open bill
    • Macro management of progammable bill's closing
    • Management of warehouse and item inventory with: stock, minimum quantity, re-ordered lot, measurement unit, orders to supplier
    • Customer loyalty on prepaid "Chip Card"
    • Programmability use of the electronic journal: fiscal mode, management mode, no operating
    • Roundings in receipt's closing
    • Programmability layout format in reports
    • Programmability layout format in receipts (VAT absorption, deduction and printing on foot)
    • Programmability of "Regional setting" for currency, date and time format, decimals point
    • Service messages on display with time programming
    • Management and printing of "graphic logos" at the top and at the foot of the receipt
    • Management of currency exchange
    • Complete X-report and Z-report daily & periodic for: Financial, Departmen, PLUs, Sales by Time period, Clerk, Loyalty, Stock
    • Multilanguage management with Italian, English, German, French availability and XML import of other languages
    • Historical saving and retrieval of archives on internal disk and on Pen Drive.
    • Simply and automatic SW updating from Pen Drive.
  • Opções
  • Accessories:
    • Dallas Key
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