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TK180 is the most compact combined BPP and BTP printer with native AEA firmware for a seamless integration in CUTE and CUPPS platforms. Specially designed for small check-in desks where space is a major issue, TK180 can handle BPP tickets as well as paper rolls for receipts. The bag tag support is provided by the optional paper roll holder. TK180 is a dual printer, since it can work both as BPP or BTP tool using the same firmware, configurable via set up. The NATIVE AEA 2012 firmware allow easy integration in any software architecture, without requiring any additional software. TK180 is equipped with a powerful internal processor and Hot swap function. Reliable and fast printing at 200 mm/s. The Ethernet, RS232 and USB interfaces assure easy and flexible integration, in any airport. In addition to the most common sensors, it is also provided with the new mobile VeriNotch sensor, capable of identifying black marks or gaps on any type of paper. TK180 has an automatic sensor calibration feature which is automatically activated every time paper is loaded and prevents any ticket wastage thereby contributing to environmental sustainability and reducing management costs. 2 sides tear-off. Display. TK180 supports the UHF RFID according to IATA 1740C, standard EPC Gen2.

  • TK180
  • TK180 - RFID
  • TK180 - New Metal Paper Roll Holder
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  • focus on
    • Extremely Compact And Reliable
    • BPP and BTP all-in-one
    • Cupps compliant and native AEA 2012 support
    • High speeds up to 200mm/sec
    • Interface: USB, RS232 and Ethernet
    • 2 sides tear-off bar
    • Automatic ticket length detection
    • New metal paper roll holder
    • Full paper auto-loading without paper wasting
    • Regional airports
    • Small check in counters
    • Gate counters
    • Mobile check-in desks
    • Cables management and cover
    • Paper width from 20mm to 82,5mm
    • Paper thickness 70/255 gr/m2
    • Paper roll diameter 200 mm
    • Sensors: Adjustable top and bottom VeriNotch, ticket presence, ticket out, near paper end (optional), printing head temperature, open cover
    • Suitable for roll receipt-type of paper printing
  • UHF

    - ETSI standard, fully compliant to the European Regulation ETSI EN 302 280 (869.525 MHz)
    - FCC standard, fully compliant to the US telecommunication regulation FCC part 15 (902-928 MHz)
    - ISO 18000-6B
    - Philips UCODE EPC 1.19
    - EPC Class1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-6C

  • Software
  • Características técnicas
    • Self-installing drivers for WinXP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-64 bit support); Linux (32-64 bit support); Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Método de impressão Direct thermal, top coated, high resistance
    Número de dots 8 dots/mm
    Resolução 200 dpi or 300 dpi
    Velocidade de impressão (mm/seg) >200 mm/sec
    Códigos de barras suportados 1D and 2D IATA barcodes printing: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN13, EAN8, CODE39, ITF, CODABAR,
    Largura papel from 20mm to 82.5 mm
    Espessura do papel 70/255 g/m²
    Dimensões rolo 200 mm outside diameter, 25 mm inner core, not attached to the roll core
    Emulação Cupps compliant and native AEA 2012 support
    Interfaces RS232 / USB / ETHERNET
    Buffer dados 16 KB text / 1 MB graphic
    Memória flash 3 MB
    Driver Self-installing drivers for WinXP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-64 bit support); Linux (32-64 bit support); Android, iOS, Windows Phone
    Alimentação 24 Vdc±10% , from 100 Vac to 240 Vac
    Absorção médio 1.5A    (12,5% dots turned on)
    Vida cabeça 100Km / 100M pulses
    MCBF Tear off device
    Temperatura de funcionamento -10°C + 60°C ±10%
    Dimensões BPP mode: W 130 mm x D 185,9 mm x H 118,9 mm
    BTP mode with roll holder option: W 136,5 mm x D 371,4 mm x H 210,8 mm
    Peso 1.9 Kg
  • Descarregar anexo
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  • Código produtos
    • Code Description    
    • 911HL020900733 PRINTER TK180 AVIATION     Options for 911HL020900733 Spare parts for 911HL020900733
      • Options for 911HL020900733
      • 974HL020000004 ROLL HOLDER KIT FOR TK180 PLASTIC    
      • 26900000000026 SERIAL ADAPTOR RJ45-DB9 TK180 PLAST    
      • 26500000000352 CABLE RS232 9M - 9F 1.8M    
      • 26500000000356 USB CABLE A MASC B MASC 1.8MT    
      • 26100000000311 SHUKO PLUG CABLE    
      • 26100000000313 POWER CABLE UK    
      • Spare parts for 911HL020900733
      • 21400000001578 LEFT PANEL TK180 RAL9005 ST116_P0300 UL    
      • 21400000001579 RIGHT PANEL TK180 RAL9005 ST116_P0400 UL    
      • 21400000001580 CONN COVER TK180 RAL9005 ST116_P0500 UL    
      • 21400000001582 TK180 CHASSIS COV RAL9005 ST116_P0800 UL    
      • 21400000001814 KEYS TK180 RAL9005 ST116_P0610 UL    
      • 21500000000005 RUBBER ROLLER KPM180 PMRU_07200    
      • 26200000000003 CAB FFC 10PIN P1MM L50 T1 ST103_CB002 UL    
      • 26300000000034 CAB SWITCH COVER KPM180H ST101_CB003 UL    
      • 43000000016600 SP COVER GROUP TK180    
      • 43000000017200 SP EJECTOR GROUP COVER KPM180H    
      • 81400000000027 PCBA DISP ADAPT TK180 R1 BD068_DP001 IT    
      • 81200000000258 PCBA CPU KPM180 ETH R2 ST101_DP007 RO UL    
      • 81300000000013 PCBA VERYNOTCH SENSOR R1 BD055_DP001 IT    
      • 81300000000015 PCBA PAPER SENS P15MM R1 BD056_DP002 IT    
      • 81300000000080 PCBA PAPER SEN KPM180H R1 BD056_DP005 IT    
      • 28C30000010072 LCD HSG12232-01 VER1.0 (122X32 BLUE) H12    
      • 2B200000000124 DISP LABEL TK180 ST116_E001    
      • 2C160000000009 THERMAL HEAD 80MM ROHM KD2003-CF23B    
      • 81200000000118 PCBA CPU KPM180H R3 ST101_DP004 RO    
      • 44000000006200 SP ROLL HOLDER KIT TK180 PLASTIC    
      • 43000000022700 SP LEVER GROUP TK180    

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