KUBE DL Customer Display

LCD client display single side, 20x2 backlit. Thanks to its reduced footprint and the fixing prearrangement to cutom Kubeprinters, it's the ideal solution to save space in the point of sale guaranteeing as well easy information for the final user.The display is supplied directly by CUSTOM printer (optionally can be equipped of serial cabel and power supply).

  • KUBE DL - Mini display can be fixed to the printer
  • highlights
    • 2 lines for 20 characters
    • Connection to KUBE fiscal printers
    • Single side display can be fixed to the printer
  • Características técnicas
  • Método de visualização Backlight liquid crystal display
    Número de caracteres 40 (20 columns x 2 lines)
    Cor retroiluminação Green
    Set caracteres 96 alphanumeric; 12 international
    Estilo caracteres 5 x 8 dot matrix
    Dimensão caracteres (LxH) 6 mm x 9.66 mm
    Ponto caracteres 7.2 mm x 10.98 mm
    Espaço entre caracteres 1.2 mm
    Espaço entre linhas 1.32 mm
    Emulação ESC/POS, CD5220
    Alimentação 11÷ 26 Vdc ± 10%
    Absorção médio 0.18A
    MTBF 70.000 hours (electronic board)
    Peso 0,5 Kg
To download the files of this area please link to:
  • Código produtos
    • Code Description    
    • 932GD010100133 MINI MONO RS232 CUSTOMER DISPLAY    

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