KUBE X F, with an even more refined and specialized technology, further improves the performances in terms of speed and reliability and moves towards the mobile communication thanks to the Ethernet interface with the standard equipment, designed for the use of this product with applications developed for mobility sale or cloud oriented. No more technologic limits for KUBE X F to manage it in a local or geographical network and it's easily "reachable" from any device, as tablets or smartphone with access to the network. The printer has a latest generation fiscal suite - Fiscal RX Configurator - that enables the full programming of the device with data back up and restore through PC, together with the keyboard customization and the transfer of graphics logos (valid for windows operating system). An efficient tool that easily allows to work in the best way in the field of the fiscal management of the business.

  • KUBE X F
  • KUBE X F - Electronic journal
  • KUBE X F - Paper loading
  • highlights
    • Powerful processor
    • Paper width: 80mm
    • External paper roll diameter: 90 mm max
    • Fast and powerful: 240mm/sec
    • Paper thickness: from 63μm to 85μm
    • Auto-cutter: 2.000.000 cuts
    • Printing head: 150Km
    • 1D and 2D (QRCODE) barcode printing
    • Vertical mounting
    • Electronic journal on MMC / SD
    • Storage memory for logos and configuration files
    • Fiscal, financial, statistical and historical reports
    • Customizable receipt's graphic and promotional coupons printing
    • Gift receipt management
    • Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS and POS.net drivers
    • Custom, XON-XOFF, UAP protocol
    • Approved for invoice printing on receipt
    • Approved for negative receipts (returns)

  • Custom is telematic-ready!
    Product already homologated for all the new businesses that will decide to start this year with the telematic transmission of payments. The benefits? No more paper register; easier and faster VAT statement; more rapidity with VAT reimbursements; a solution that ensures benefits in terms of accounting management and time saving. Only for the Italian market.

  • Características técnicas
  • Processador 100 Mhz
    Jornal eletrónico SD card with 2,000,000 line capacity
    Mass Storage DGFE on SD CARD
    Teclado USB External alphanumeric keyboard with 35 or 60 customizable keys
    Display External double-sided LCD display 2x20 characters
    Largura papel 80 mm
    Velocidade de impressão 240mm/sec
    Interfaces 1 x RS232
    1 x USB Host
    1 x USB Device (keyboard)
    1 x ETHERNET
    1 x Drawer Port
    1 x Display Port
    1 x Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (options)
    Recibo dedutível yes
    Departamentos 30 departments (free and pre-set)
    Artigos 10 PLU (with EAN code)
    Clientes 10 (with total turnover management)
    Operadores 2 (password programmable)
    Formas de pagamento 10 customizable kind of payments
    Modificadores de venda Discounts and surcharges on item, subtotal, amounts and percentage
    Percentagens IVA 6
    9 in telematic version
    Report Fiscal, financial, statistics about sales and historical
    Gráfica Prints high quality logos and coupon graphics;
    1D and 2D barcode printing (QRCODE)
    Protocolos CUSTOM, XON/XOFF, UAP, DLL
    Driver Windows, OPOS , JavaPOS, POS.net
    Dimensões 209mm (L)x140mm (P)x152mm (A)
    Resolução 203dpi (8 dots/mm)
    Dimensão rolo max Ø 90mm
    Absorção médio 1,5 A (12,5% printing rate)
    Alimentação 24 Vdc ± 10% (external power supply)
    Peso 2.3 Kg (without paper roll)
To download the files of this area please link to:
  • Código produtos
    • Code Description    
    • 913LM020200733 FISCAL PRINTER KUBE X F ETH USB RS232     Consumable for 913LM020200733 Options for 913LM020200733
      • Consumable for 913LM020200733
      • 67300000000396 THERMAL PAPER ROLL FISCAL  L80 DE48     
      • Options for 913LM020200733
      • 983ZZ010000001 MODEM+SIM FATT ELETTR-RT    
      • 43000000008000 SD DGFE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL MOD G    
      • 43000000008100 SD DGFE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL MOD H    
      • 971GF010000200 METAL DRAWER 24V    
      • 971GF010000700 LARGE METAL DRAWER 24V    
      • 26500000000317 CABLE CONNECTION FOR OPTICAL READER    
      • 26500000000308 CABLE PC CONNECTION (SERIAL DB9)    

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