BIG 3, BIG II's technological evolution, from which it has inherited all its functional features, introduces Custom new technology for the future payment telematic transmission, becoming law in Italy starting from 1/1/2017. Big 3 represents the ideal product for all the stores asking for functionality and ease of use, looking for high performances and exclusive design. BIG 3 offers Ethernet connectivity and automatic e-mail sending to forward fiscal data reports about sales and statistics, or for our on line technical assistance. The internal advanced SQL database allow you to quickly access 50,000 PLU with barcodes. As new technological performance, BIG 3 includes an external device for electronic payments (eg. Credit card) printing the receipts directly together with the payment one.

  • BIG 3
  • BIG 3 - Customer display
  • highlights
    • Unique and elegant design
    • Online (Ethernet) cash register
    • 42 keys alphanumeric embedded keyboard
    • Embedded operator and customer LCD backlit displays, with 2 lines x 20 characters
    • Embedded 58mm printer with easy paper loading
    • Sixload paper roll easy replacement system
    • Fidelity Service on line
    • Automatic e-mail sending
    • Approved for invoice printing on fiscal receipt
    • Approved for negative receipt (change practice)
    • Connectable to PC
    • Internal SQL Database
    • Electronic journal on SD Card
    • Customizable receipt graphics
    • Fiscal, financial, statistical and historical reports
    • 400MHz ARM FAMILY new processor
    • Fitted for EFT/POS connection for electronic payments (eg. credit cards)
    • Driver Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS e
    • One dedicated drawer port (6 Volts)
  • WEB SERVER INTEGRADO: permite a programação e a monitorização das funcionalidades fiscais e operativas da caixa registadora em tempo real. A loja pode contar com uma ferramenta de trabalho segura e monitorizável à distância, 24 horas por dia.

  • Custom is telematic-ready!
    Product already homologated for all the new businesses that will decide to start this year with the telematic transmission of payments. The benefits? No more paper register; easier and faster VAT statement; more rapidity with VAT reimbursements; a solution that ensures benefits in terms of accounting management and time saving. Only for the Italian market.

  • Software
  • Características técnicas

  • Fiscal suite: auto-installing software package, that can be remotely updated via the Internet, to analyze the data found on DGFE, schedule graphics and logos on receipts and programme the keyboard from your PC.

  • Processador 400 Mhz
    Jornal eletrónico SD electronic journal up to 1.000.000 lines (approx. 260 rolls)
    Mass Storage Internal memories and DGFE on standard USB MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)
    Teclado Integrated alphanumeric keyboard with 42 customizable positions
    Display LCD blue backlit integrated operator and client 2 lines x 20
    Largura papel 58mm high resolution
    Interfaces Two RS232 serial ports, 1 USB port, 1 Ethernet port
    1 dedicated drawer port (6 Volts)
    Departamentos 100 programmable departments of which 5 are directly on the keyboard
    Department groups for aggregate statistics
    Artigos Up to 50.000 items in internal memory with bar codes
    Clientes 300 credit clients with debt collection
    Formas de pagamento 30 forms of payment, fully customisable
    Modificadores de venda 8 price modifiers (discounts and surcharges)
    Percentagens IVA 5
    Report Fiscal and financial reports and statistical and historical sales reports
    Gráfica Graphic logos on receipt header and footer
    Mensagens deslizantes Programmable from remote
    Protocolos CUSTOM and XON/XOFF
    Driver Windows, JavaPOS,, OPOS
    Dimensões 248,5mm (L)x245mm (P)x100,5mm (A)
    Alimentação 100 Vac - 240 Vac
    Peso 1446 g
  • Descarregar anexo
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  • Código produtos
    • Code Description    
    • 921AB050100733 CASH REGISTER BIG3 ETH     Consumable for 921AB050100733 Options for 921AB050100733 Spare parts for 921AB050100733
      • Consumable for 921AB050100733
      • 67300000000348 THERMAL PAPER ROLL 57X50 DI13    
      • Options for 921AB050100733
      • 983ZZ010000001 MODEM+SIM FATT ELETTR-RT    
      • 44000000003600 SD DGFE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL MOD B    
      • 44000000003700 SD DGFE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL MOD C    
      • 44000000031600 SD DGFE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL MOD D    
      • 971GF010010027 LARGE METAL DRAWER 6V    
      • 971GF010010026 METAL DRAWER 6V    
      • 26500000000317 CABLE CONNECTION FOR OPTICAL READER    
      • 26500000000308 CABLE PC CONNECTION (SERIAL DB9)    
      • Spare parts for 921AB050100733
      • 43000000013000 SP KIT DISPLAY + CABLES BIGII TSB    
      • 28C30000010072 LCD HSG12232-01 VER1.0 (122X32 BLUE) H12    
      • 28R00000000025 KEYB BIG3 BLACK LEGEND CUSTOM RC002_E023    
      • 917EF020400000 PRTM MECH MT002 BIGII ROLL SUPP 58MM CN    
      • 963GE020000048 PSES SWITCHING PSU 9V 40W L.VI AMDT2 FSP    
      • 26100000000311 SHUKO PLUG CABLE    
      • 26200000010018 CAB FFC 1X10X100XD(5-5-10-10)X(0.05X0.65    
      • 26200000010020 FFC CAB 1X10X220XD(5-5-10-10)X(0.05X0.65    
      • 81200000000787 PCBA CPU BIG3 R2 + IMX25 1GBIT R4    

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